Let’s Put the Femme in STEM!

Femme in STEM at DU is a high energy affair for girls ages 9-13. Led by current undergraduate and graduate students, Femme in STEM focuses on bringing elementary and middle school age girls to campus and exposing them to college labs, projects, and research.

This goal takes shape in a daylong event held at the University of Denver. Young girls ages 9-13 sign up to take part in one of six activities from each of the major STEM fields (including Biology, Chemistry, Math, Engineering, Geography, Computer Science, Physics, etc). The activity lasts for an hour in the morning, and aims to introduce the girls to the field in an interactive way which they will later be able to share with their peers in a science fair – see below for further details on current activities.

Following lunch, the girls move in groups through a science fair where they share the activities from the morning with one another. This is a spectacular affair that can involve everything from secret messages to liquid nitrogen to even extracting your own DNA! The science fair is where the girls get to shine and demonstrate their knowledge for their peers, in addition to being able to explore more STEM fields than the one they were exposed to in the morning.

The first Femme in STEM event was met with enormous enthusiasm in fall of 2015, both by the 50 girls who attended, and the teachers and parents that brought them. A second event on April 30, 2016 followed up with another great, STEM-filled day. The next event will be held May 13, 2017 and will follow a similar format and feature new and exciting activities.


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